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As you know Enterasys was named Cabletron company long long time ago. I guess more than How to upgrade firmware - Enterasys logodecade. Cabletron was one of strong vendor on switches market at that time. Due to I had really good experience with Cabletron product, I trust Enterasys's product line. Actually, I installed many Enterasys switches since 2005. Today, I just want to share a tip to upgrade firmware on Enterasys switches. Compare to generic 3rd party switch vendors, Enterasys release new firmware more often. Well, some of people might say due to all lot of bugs, but I like to say "Diligent and effort" (too much?).There are detailed documents from vendor, but this guide would be easier for beginner. Well, lets see what the steps to complete upgrading firmware are.



1. Find out what model of switch you are upgrading and what is current version of firmware running on the switch. Type "Show version" from the prompt.

- Model : C3G124-48
- Firmware :

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 3


2. Go to the website "www.enterasys.com" and download proper firmware from the download library. and extract firmware to any folder your tftp server will use.

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 4


3. Assign IP address on the Enterasys switch in order to communicate with you computer which is running tftp server.
ex) computer, Enterasys switch is, default gateway .254

"set ip address mask gateway"

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 5


4. Ping the Enterasys switch from your computer.

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 6


5. Execute tftp server. (If you don't have, just down one from solarwinds)

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 7


6. Copy firmware from tftp server

Enterasys(su)->copy tftp:// system:image

- I will take time...to be done (few minutes)


7. From the switch, make sure new firmware is uploaded and check which firmware version is on active.

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 8


8. Type to "set boot system c3-series_01.02.04.0005" to booting up switch with new firmware(active).

B2(su)>>set boot system c3-series_01.02.04.0005
Do you want to replace ? (y/n) y

Automatically Enterasys switch will reboot.

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 9


9. Confirm now, new firmware is on active status.

Enterasys firmware upgrade pic 10



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