I have been testing Splunk window version on my Microsoft Window XP(32bits). Window version logo_splunk.pngwas easy to install and control Splunk software. But somehow, I don't feel like power of Splunk is fully used. Beside it kinds of slow than I thought. When I researched about Splunk, realized most of  power users are using either Linux or Mac OS version of Splunk. I decided install Splunk on OpenSuSE 11.  As usual I googled some install info before start installation and I found some interesting comments that "Do not use OpenSuSE for Splunk, it doesn't work". Yes, it happened to me. But there were tips to resolve the issue. See below notes.

Whole process of installation was fairly easy.  In this example, I will try to install Splunk with rmp version.

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Using default TCP receive window size, 64 Kbytes (MS windows OSs, XP, Vista, 2003 server etc), not always is good if you have a high speed connections such as OCs and Gigabit Ethernet or extremely slow (?) connections such as Satellite link, 56 Kbps fractal T1s and so on. Because of TCP receive window size is not adequate for those network circumstance. TCP window scaling option (RFC 1323) will dramatically improve your TCP throughput, denoted download and upload speed. However, circuit condition should be under strict conditions as error free, no packet lost and no bottleneck. If a link condition is bad, TCP window scaling option makes worse TCP throughput. Let's dig more info why the window size is matter and how we can tune it to get faster download/upload speed (TCP throughput)

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From few simplifying test results on previous article "Internet Speed Issue - Why TCP window size is matter", indeed TCP window size made difference of TCP throughput and download & upload performance. Again, I don't think everybody move forward to TCP window scaling option. If you don't have high speed connections or unstable such as home users, don't need this option. It might bring worse TCP throughput than before. However, certain circumstance, this option is very useful. For example, data replicating from location A and B that has dedicated Gigabit links all the way device to device. Tuned proper TCP window size will increase huge TCP throughput. Of course link condition should be well maintained by network administrator. Let's how we can tune TCP window size on your device.

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As you know, Cisco Systems is one of top vendor in Router and Switch market in the world since early 90's. Issue on Cisco GigE port with FastEthernet port on 3com switches - logoIf someone asks who  #1 market leader is, then 99 out of 100 would say "Cisco Systems". Well, in the router market, Cisco was obvious, but who was 2nd leader on switch market? There were few candidates, Cabletron(current Enterasys), Bay Networks, Madge(token ring), HP,  3Com and so on. Most of makers were out of picture, but 3Com is still one of popular switch vendor in these days. Actually, 3com one of few vendor who has IT total solution.

Cisco and 3Com are IT leaders and they developed a lot of technology and some of new technique is under way to be IT standard. Cisco and 3Com have their own proprietary techniques which are more than improving IT industry. That's good for industry, but not for consumers. why? Sometime it brought compatibility issue like today's case. 

Slow performance issue was raised due to duplex optioning mis-match between Cisco device and 3Com switches. Well, ended up we found a solution, but it was definitely troublesome.  Here is what the issue I was facing and how that was resolved.


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Most of the cases, FTP testing would be enough to isolate an issue if existed. However, sometime you need more deep testing and detailed output information. IPERF is one of popular opensourced software and easily use, save your time and it can be downloaded anywhere from Internet. You could download it here as well.
Click to download from our site

IPERF version 1.7.0 
JPERF version 2.0.0

There are many modified versions in out there, but I am using version 1.7 only. If you are Linux user, you can download thru software repository system.

Last Updated (Thursday, 11 June 2009 17:48)

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From previous article, Bandwidth VS. Throughput, now you can determine whether your throughput is on trouble or not. It means your Internet connection is slower than what you expected (based on TCP Throughput calculation formula). This article is intended to discuss about how to troubleshoot slow Internet connection and how it can be improved. Below story would be focused on ISP link for business, but not residential grade broadband links, such as DSL, Fios and cables. However, you can still apply thoerical idea into it.

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