I watched this video clip more than 10 times now, still I cannot believe this young gentleman how he can do this. Have he arrested? I saw more video clips of him searching maxcornelisse  on youtube, but seems he is still doing it in somewhere. Definitely he has a given talent.



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My dynamips was running on Window XP before it migrated to OpenSUSE. Since I used GNS3 on OpenSUSE, I didn't need to setup Terminal Sever. However, current work environment is not flexible with GUI, so I tried to setup Terminal Server on linux(OpenSUSE) for Dynamips. It was that hard to find tips and information thru web. Here is a shortcut to make it happens.

How to setup Terminal Server on linux(OpenSUSE) for Dynamips

1. Add "f0/0 - NIO_tap:tap0" on your Dynamips file. in this case "TerminalServer-linux.net"


autostart = False
    workingdir = /home/Dynamips/lab/TerminalServer-linux.net
    udp = 10000
        image = /home/Dynamips/ios/C3660-JK.extracted.bin
        idlepc = 0x605f0ccc
        ghostios = True
        sparsemem = True
    mmap = false
        chassis = 3660
    [[ROUTER TermServ]]
        model = 3660
        console = 2000
        cnfg =  /home/Dynamips/lab/TerminalServer-linux.net/TerminalServer-linux.cfg
        f0/0 = nio_tap:tap0


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Pagerank status on Google toolbar is useful for blogger or SEO developer. Recently, I installed new version of Google toolbar and since then my pagerank indicator doesn't work. Of course tried reinstalling forfox and google toolbar. No help!

Here is what you want to try.


1. Type "about:config" into Firefox's Address Bar section.



Last Updated (Wednesday, 04 November 2009 09:45)

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While I was optimizing my website, I realized links to our website was splitted with two URLs, www.Cisconet.com and Cisconet.com. It's definitely not good for popularity indexed by Google and even other searching engineers. Then I have decided picking one permanant name and applied 301 redirect URL. I went simple route to set that up using cpanel function, but it doesn't work for me. Other way was using an .htaccess file at hosting server. Due to bad experience with .htaccess file previously, so I didn't want to touch it. But it was fairly straight forward to complete 301 redirect URL. 

Open an .htaccess file and edit with below context.
** This will work ONLY on Linux servers having the Apache Mod-Rewrite module enabled.



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Testing Ethernet circuit (Baseband) is totally different from broadband circuit. However, if you have Ethernet tester (such as Acterna), you can do RFC testing to prove continuity. logo_tellabs.gif

Here is how to put a VLAN loop at tellabs. In this example,

For example>

Device#1 <--->(Side id 1:ge-1/1/1/1, VLAN111) Tellabs 8860 (Side id 2:so-2/2/2/2:1, VLAN222) <--->Device#2


1. Delete current circuit

Tellabs_8860> enable
Tellabs_8860> config ckt name CiscoNET.Link admin disable
Tellabs_8860> config no ckt name CiscoNET.Link

Last Updated (Thursday, 29 October 2009 21:42)

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These days, I am more involving WAN Ethernet service product which is a bit complicated tooverture_logo.jpg troubleshoot. Simply, tons of vendors and gears in the market. If you are not dealing with those devices all the time, you would spend time to play with some commands until you get output what you want. WAN Ethernet service is very popular in data communication market in compatible price. By comparing to traditional circuit, it is a lot cheaper. Also, H/W cost is cheaper. It dramatically drops your maintenance cost. For those reasons, WAN Ethernet service will get more sunshine in the market.

By the way, there are many vendors out there. Seems like major players are Tellabs, Fujitsu, Cisco, Nortel, Ciena Corporation, Overture networks, Anda networks and etc.

Here is the basic commands for overture ISG5100 Ethernet Switch for carriers.



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