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VPCS(Virtual PC Simulator) is a PC simulating software which is small and easy to use. For the Dynamips user, this simulator is fairly handy.

While I was installing and configuring VPCS, I got error says "206-unable to create UDP NIO"

error message 206-unable to create UDP NIO



Actually, resolution was found quickly. Just swapped out Lport and Rport on PC1's configuration mode. I guess it might be bug.....


Local port : 20001
Remote port : 30001


Local port : 30001
Remote port : 20001


Somehow, 20000 and 30000 doesn't work, when you make a link. Those port nubmers gave me same errors as well. Try different port number.


Reference : http://www.freecode.com.cn/doku.php?id=wiki:vpcs


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